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    CBT Therapy
  • "Very positive and empowering. You have equipped me with the skills I need to move forward. I cannot express how beneficial this has been, thankyou!"

    Sandra - University Lecturer
    Client Testimonial
  • "My experience has been life changing, giving me the strategies and knowledge that I really needed to reduce my stress and understand myself better"

    Harry - Self Employed
    Client Testimonial
  • "Treatment has been very good and has generated thoughts that are continuing to help restore my confidence as I move into my retirement"

    David - Retired Engineer
    Client Testimonial
  • "Thankyou so much. For understanding me and helping me get better"

    Janet - Primary School Teacher
    Client Testimonial
  • "Absolutely fantastic. Treatment was very personalised to my needs. I did not feel judged and feel like I am no longer walking around in darkness."

    Sally - Student
    Client Testimonial

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We are Dynamic You: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. A team of highly qualified and experienced Therapists and Psychologists offering effective Psychological Therapies for Individuals, Couples and Organisations across London and the UK.

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Dynamic You Therapy Clinics are here for you when you need quick access to Psychological Therapies to overcome psychological issues you're facing. We don't have waiting lists, and we work with people who are experiencing a range of emotional problems, or going through difficult times in their lives...
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  • University of Reading
  • Aviva
  • AXA
  • Bupa
  • NHS
  • Purhealth
  • Pulse
  • Sugarman
  • University of Plymouth



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