Booking A Therapy Appointment

We're delighted to be able to offer you an appointment with one of our highly experienced Therapy Team.

How To Book A Therapy Appointment…

  1. Decide which of our UK Therapy Clinics you would like to have an appointment at. You can also see which of our Therapists are based at each clinic on our Clinic pages.
  2. Phone our friendly Reception Team for free to book an appointment on: 0800 0614548. They will help you find a convenient time for a first appointment, and will also take some basic personal and payment details (or insurance details, if your treatment will be paid for by a Health Insurance policy). The call shouldn’t last for any more than 5 minutes.
  3. If it’s a struggle to pay for session fees as you go, we also offer finance options using PayPal Credit to spread the costs. To apply for this, take a look at our Affordable Therapy Options to find out more about booking a therapy appointment using a finance option.

What Happens At A First Appointment?

We like to offer a very personal approach, and so at most of our clinics your Therapist will usually meet you at our front door at the time of your session. Don’t worry – our clinics are very discretely located.

The session will normally last for around 50 minutes, and your Therapist will take time to get to know you – and to understand the problems you are facing. To do this they’ll ask you different questions about your life. Most people find that sharing information and being heard by someone can be a useful in itself, even before your treatment has properly started. At the end of the session your Therapist will be able to give you feedback on key areas you have talked about and make some recommendations for treatments that have been shown to be useful for those types of problems.

You can then make a decision about moving forward with treatment. If you would like to, your Therapist will offer to book further Therapy appointments with you. Or, you can have a think after the session and call us back or email if you wish to move forward.

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