Phobia Treatment in Bristol

Phobias are one type of anxiety problem that many people are familiar with since they are one of the most common type of psychological problems that people face. Find out how we can help...

About Phobia Treatment In Bristol

If you are looking for treatment for phobias in Bristol, we can help with both Cognitive and Behavioural approaches to dealing with your phobias.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approaches usually help you to do this by gradually exposing you to the thing that causes your fear and anxiety as a way of both reducing your anxiety, but also helping you to change the way you think about that thing.

We are able to treat a wide range of phobias at our Bristol Clinic, ranging from phobias of particular things (such as particular animals) through to phobias of particular situations, so example height or needle phobias.

Our treatments can help minimise the impact of these phobias on your life through managing and reducing the fear – something that can cause a great deal of unnecessary distress in your life.  CBT treatments for phobias have also been shown to have strong long term results, and are an effective way to deal with the problem for good.


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Finding Our Bristol Clinics

Our Bristol – City Clinic is located in the Redcliffe area of the city just a short 8 minute walk away from the main line Bristol Temple Meads railway station. If you are arriving at our clinic by car, you should be able to park easily either in the on-street bays near to the clinic or in one of the several nearby car parks. We can be found at the following address:

Dynamic You: The Harbourside Practice
3 Redcliffe Parade East
Our Bristol – Westbury-on-Trym clinic is another option if you would prefer to receive treatment sessions outside of the main City.  Our address at this clinic is:

Dynamic You: The Practice Rooms
57/59 High Street



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