Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Bristol

About Our Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment In Bristol

Social Anxiety – or social phobia as it is sometimes called – is when people feel anxiety and/or shyness in certain social situations. It is of course normal to feel a certain level of anxiety in certain stressful everyday situations but if you feel this happens very frequently, you can pay us a visit for social anxiety disorder treatment in Bristol.

There are many different situations in which people can feel social anxiety but this anxiety generally comes down to the fact that they feel that they will be judged negatively. Often the anxiety can lead to physical changes such as stuttering when talking, blushing and sweating.

Our therapy for social anxiety disorder in Bristol involves Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the most part. Medication is not generally recommended in the first instance but some patients may benefit from antidepressants in addition to talking therapy. CBT is a highly effective treatment for Social Anxiety disorder and the treatment we offer comes recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

Our Bristol Clinic Locations

Contact us to make can appointment at one of our two Bristol Clinics for Social Anxiety help in Bristol. Our Clinics are at the following addresses:

Bristol – City Clinic
Dynamic You: The Harbourside Practice

3 Redcliffe Parade East


Bristol – Westbury-on-Trym Clinic
Dynamic You: The Practice Rooms
57/59 High Street



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