Bristol Psychotherapy: Opening Doors To Emotional Health


With the recent general election campaigns focusing on the big issues facing the country and politicians sharing their ideas for a brighter future, it is clear that life today can be stressful.  

Whilst there are certainly things that government can do to help, Jane Gowland the Lead Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in our Bristol Psychotherapy Clinic explains how true emotional health can come from within…


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Whether it’s global conflict, economic uncertainties or relationship problems, it’s unsurprising that issues like anxiety and depression are so prevalent in today’s world. But there’s some good news; these issues can be helped, often without the need for medication and in a non-invasive and entirely safe way using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Whether you’re looking specifically for Bristol psychotherapy options or CBT in another location, let’s explore how modern psychological treatments can help you live a more fulfilling life.


A New Choice In Bristol Psychotherapy…

If you’re experiencing emotional health problems then the chances are you will have considered visiting your GP and may have already been offered a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  However, it is also possible that with the current pressures facing the NHS that you may have been prescribed a course of antidepressants and told to come back in a few weeks if you don’t feel any better.

Whilst antidepressants can be very helpful in the right circumstances, for many people experiencing common emotional health issues they are not the best first choice option.  Instead, quick access to an evidence-based psychological therapy can help you to make immediate changes to the way you feel in a safe and lasting way.  Our Bristol Psychotherapy Clinic helps client’s to do just that…


The true value of CBT in Bristol and beyond…

As a psychotherapy treatment in Bristol, CBT is relatively new, having become increasingly available over the past 10 years, and replacing counselling services in the city, that previously offered the option of talking, but not necessarily helping the people of Bristol to actively address things such as thought processes and behaviours that could potentially make them vulnerable to psychological problems.

Despite its relative youth, however, it’s proven more effective than drug-based solutions for many people. The reason for this, as many Bristol CBT Therapists will attest, is that it works by helping people  directly target problem areas in their lives. An anti-depressant drug will alter neurotransmitters in the brain, helping people with more moderate and severe problems gain some relief but without addressing the psychological factors that are key to staying well into the future.

The need for these effective treatments is clear.  Data shows that the numbers of people suffering from depression in Bristol are notably higher than the UK average -and the same is true for suicide rates in Bristol too.

Whilst there are a range of services offered by the NHS, these can often have longer waiting times than many people would hope together with limits on the numbers of sessions that people can sometimes receive.  Data for Psychotherapy services in the NHS in Bristol for 2011-12 show that recovery rates for depression were almost 10% lower than the UK average.

Whilst psychotherapies such as CBT are not for everyone, we have found that offering people immediate treatment without the pressures of having a limit on the number of sessions you are offered has a big difference in the recovery rates our Bristol Psychotherapy practice achieves.  We pride ourselves on our compassion, flexibility and experience.

We’re experts in working with depression, anxiety and most other emotional health problems…


So, if you’re currently sufferering with any of these conditions, realising this can be liberating in itself. It means that you can make the first step in getting the tools you need to make changes.

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