Emotional Wellbeing TED-Ed Series | The Power of Passion

Looking for ideas to lead a fuller and more contented life?  

Sometimes it can be hard to find good ideas on the Internet.  Our team of leading Therapists and Psychologists have put together a weekly series with the best Emotional Wellbeing Talks on the TED media network to help give you a boost…


Having a passion for what you do, ranks far above merely making money. If you have passion for what you do, then the money will most likely follow. Go for the ‘zing’, not the ‘ka-ching’.

Make passion your life goal, not money. It can be amazing what you can do, if you love what you do.

Passion can turn an underachiever into a super-achiever. Albert Einstein, a patent clerk, developed several of his ground breaking scientific theories as a hobby. Bill Gates didn’t achieve much until he discovered his passion for writing software – the money followed.

Passion covers many areas – for people, products, profession, art, sport etc.

The super-rich often do not make ‘making money’ their prime life goal – James Dyson had a passion for making a new vacuum cleaner, and J K Rowling wanted to make enough money to enable her to write.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing passion with ambition.

The problem is discovering our passion. It can take a long time, and many things may have to be tried before it is found. Some may be lucky enough to fall into it by accident. If you find yourself spending 20% of your time on things you don’t like, then you haven’t found your passion.

Explore many paths, as many may not work. As in love you may have to go on any bad dates before the right date comes along.

If you love what you do, all the other things you have to do to be successful will fall into place.

It’s amazing what you can do if you have passion for what do.

Remember this: stress isn’t working 15 hours at a job you like; stress is working 15 minutes at a job you dislike.

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