Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Expensive?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can effectively treat a number of mental health problems and is available within the NHS or privately.  You can read more about CBT on our ‘Our Therapy’ page.

Often people might select private CBT either because they want to start Therapy quickly and are faced with long waiting lists in the NHS, or because they want to see a therapist with specialist expertise that may not be available in their area within the NHS.  The NHS currently offers CBT-based treatments (sometimes called ‘Guided Help’ or ‘Low Intensity CBT’), which are effective for some people, but should not be confused with a full course of CBT with a fully qualified Therapist.

If you have decided to find private treatment then you might be wondering is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy expensive?

Fees for CBT can vary across the UK, but are usually within the range of £70 – £250 per session.  You can find our current fees on our Fees Page above.

Whilst it is possible to find therapy for cheaper than this, it is often provided by Therapists with lower levels of experience of qualification, and indeed, may not even be CBT.  Currently anybody can call themselves a CBT therapist, which means that it can be difficult to understand whether they really do have the appropriate training to work with your mental health.

A good way to ensure that you are working with a suitably qualified professional is to ensure that they are accredited by the BABCP and appear on the CBT register  .  All of our team are BABCP accredited therapists and have full biographies detailing their previous experience on our website.

Whilst therapy may not be cheap, it is an investment in your health that can help you overcome problems in the long term and so often seeking effective treatments with an appropriate professional will be more cost-effective in the longer term.

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