Freelance Mental Health or Psychology Writer

What’s The Opportunity?

We think that giving people helpful information on how to improve their emotional health and wellbeing is really important.

Some people need our clinics, to see someone professionally for their psychological health, however most people just need access to good quality information that is based on research and facts.

We have a range of exciting freelance writing opportunities at the moment. Some involve smaller amounts of writing, for example on our website blog, however we also have some quite substantial projects coming up too that will require several months writing work. We can't say too much about these just now, but we can tell you that they will provide a great way to showcase your work and 'gold-plate' your reputation as a mental health writer.



About You

You might be either a writer who has an interest in Mental Health and psychology issues, or a Clinician who is passionate about reaching a wide audience...

If you're a writer, you might be a journalist or work as a freelance writer by background. You'll need to have enough knowledge of mental health issues to be comfortable in exploring Therapy-based issues in some detail in your writing.

If you're a clinician by background then having existing experience of writing on Psychology issues would be a real advantage. This might be in the form of popular writing or writing research type papers. Being able to clearly communicate to the public in an interesting an engaging way is a key skill we are looking for. Working as an experienced PWP, Therapist or Psychologist might be a great introduction.

Key Requirements

  • Ability to take on freelance projects as a self-employed writer
  • A working knowledge and confidence in talking about psychological health - knowledge of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and approaches would be a real asset
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