Private Consultant Psychiatrist

What’s The Opportunity?

We're keen to broaden our Clinics by offering Psychiatry options in addition to the high quality Therapy experiences we already deliver. If you want to make your mark in an exciting established and rapidly growing Private Therapy Practice then come and say hello to us...

We’re Dynamic You: Therapy Clinics, and our private clinics are doing things differently.

For Clients:

- We offer outstanding, personalised treatment experiences.
- We offer evidence-based treatments, without being overwhelmed by data recording and ‘one-size-fits all Therapy’.
- We’re proud of our small but growing team of friendly, highly experienced Therapists and Psychologists.

For Our Therapy Team:

- We offer a supportive and exciting environment to practice.
- Full administrative support to ensure that your focus is on your clients and not being an office worker.
- We also offer a very attractive and flexible sessional fee structure.
- Highly developed marketing and private industry networking connections



About You

You'll be an experienced Consultant Psychiatrist who is interested in either moving into Private Practice, or moving your existing Private Practice to Dynamic You Therapy Clinics. We're particularly interested in hearing from medics that have fresh and new ideas about emotional resilience and who are psychologically minded in their approaches. If you're looking to be part of a growing clinical team and make your mark we'd be pleased to hear from you.

Our practice opportunities are on a sessional basis (either mornings, afternoons and evenings) Being a subcontractor means you will be responsible for your own Tax situation, and will also have control and flexibility over your work.

As with working in most private clinics you will need to be comfortable with a non-compete clause for your private work with us.

Key Requirements

  • You'll need to be employed by an NHS Trust (or other relevant body that is registered with Care Quality Commission)
  • To be a Member or Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and be working at Consultant Grade
  • Hold a valid DBS Certificate, with no current or past restrictions on your Practice
  • Existing private admission rights or relationships are desirable, but not essential
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