Mental Health Questionnaires

We have selected common Mental Health Questionnaires that are often used by Therapists and Psychologists to test for symptoms of mental health problems. Each will give you a free report of your symptoms.

Depression & Self EsteemQuestionnaires

If you are experiencing low mood then you can test for symptoms of depression online using our specially selected depression assessment questionnaires below.

Depression Questionnaire This questionnaire is designed to identify the main symptoms of Depression.
Postnatal Depression Questionnaire If you are about to have a baby or have recently had a baby and are concerned about depression this Postnatal Depression Questionnaire will help you test for symptoms.
Bipolar Affective Disorder Questionnaire Bipolar Affective Disorder can be difficult to test for in a questionnaire, however this questionnaire will help you to test for symptoms of Bipolar Type 1 Disorder
Self Esteem Questionnaire Use this questionnaire to explore your Self Esteem. Low Self Esteem can increase the risks of depression and other problems.

Anxiety Problem Questionnaires

The questionnaires below have been specifically chosen as they are often used to test for symptoms of Anxiety problems that people can often experience.

Generalised Anxiety Questionnaire Use this questionnaire if you are experiencing Anxiety symptoms. It is designed to test for symptoms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder but can give you an idea if you might be experiencing many types of Anxiety problem.
Social Anxiety Questionnaire This is a questionnaire for Social Anxiety symptoms. It will also test for shyness and can give you a good test for Social Anxiety Disorder (sometimes called Social Phobia)
Health Anxiety Questionnaire If you struggle with worrying about your health you can use this questionnaire to test for Health Anxiety symptoms. This is now sometimes also called a questionnaire for Illness Anxiety Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Questionnaire If you have experienced a traumatic life event this test will help you understand if you test for symptoms of PTSD. It is best used around 1 month after you have experienced a trauma

Physical & Body Mental Health Questionnaires

Questionnaires in this section have been chosen to help you understand if you are experiencing psychological problems as a result of either physical health difficulties or emotional disorders that affect the body in some way.

Eating Disorders Questionnaire If you have concerns about your eating use this questionnaire to test for symptoms of Anorexia or Bulimia.
Insomnia & Sleep Problems Questionnaire If you're experiencing sleep problems this questionnaire could be helpful in advising you if it is likely to be useful seeking professional help or not.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) Questionnaire This questionnaire is designed to screen for body image problems related to Body yismorphic Disorder type issues.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Problems Questionnaires

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Questionnaire If you are concerned about having OCD symptoms, this questionnaire will help you test for symptoms of OCD. It is called the 'Obsessive Compulsive Inventory.'

Phobia Questionnaires

Phobias are one of the most common types of Anxiety problem. Our specially selected phobia questionnaires will help you to test for symptoms of common phobias. They are exactly the same types of questionnaires that Therapists and Psychologists use to test the severity of your phobia.

Specific Phobia Of Vomit Questionnaire This vomit phobia questionnaire will help you test for symptoms of Emetophobia (sometimes called a Vomit Phobia).

Addiction & Problem Behaviour Questionnaires

If you are struggling with Alcohol, Drugs or other behaviours that you feel addicted to, then the questionnaires in this section could help you to understand better if they are likely to be a problem that you might require treatment for.

Alcohol Use Questionnaire This is a questionnaire for alcohol problems and will help you test if drinking is affecting your life significantly.

Relationship & Psychological Sexual Problems Questionnaires

Relationship Satisfaction Questionnaire If you are experiencing problems in a relationship this questionnaire will help both you and the other person to identify the levels of satisfaction you have with the relationship. This can help you decide if particular aspects of the relationship might need to change in some way. It is called the 'Relationship Satisfaction Scale.'