New Therapy Clinics Opening in Christchurch & Cardiff in 2015

Christchurch ClinicAre you looking for counselling or psychological therapy in Dorset or Cardiff?  If so, our new therapy clinics opening in Christchurch and Cardiff could help you…

We’re proud to announce that in early 2015 we will be opening two new Cognitive Behavioural Therapy clinics – Christchurch, Dorset and our first Welsh Therapy clinic in Cardiff.  Both new clinics will offer the same high standards of care that we have become known for, including flexible appointment times such as evening therapy sessions.

As with all of our clinics they will be in conveniently locations.  Our Christchurch Therapy clinic is a one minute walk from Christchurch station, and our Cardiff clinic is in a peaceful suburb of the City with easy free parking.

We’ll keep our website updated with details of when both clinics will be available to offer you therapy….