Is Therapy Worth The Cost? | How Therapy Can Save You Money

Therapy Can Save You Money

Did you know that a successful course of Therapy could actually save you money?
The affects of problems like Depression, Insomnia, Stress and Anxiety can be costly.  Deciding to start a course of Private Therapy can sometimes seem expensive, but it’s often better to view this as an investment…


Do the benefits of quick effective treatment outweigh the cost of therapy? Here’s 9 reasons why paying for your Therapy could be the best option.

Private Therapy:


  1. Can Help You Get Your Mind In Focus
    Therapy can bring your mind back into focus by examining your depression, stress, anxiety.  This can help you overcome problems and improve your overall decision making.
  2. Can Help Raise Your Self Confidence
    Achieved by improving your self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-compassion and less negative thinking.  The effects of these can be more about the quality of life you’re leading, rather than the money you’re saving.
  3. Can Help You To Know Your Boundaries
    Without having healthy boundaries you can spend your time on worthless money draining activities, or even worse end up psychologically burnt out.  Therapy can focus on helping you to achieve a helpful balance between different competing demands in your life.
  4. Can Help You To Find Your Personal Values
    Therapy can help you to identify your personal values to make sure you are living the type of life that is actually important you.  Many people find that they are putting lots of time into things that they actually find fairly pointless!  Whilst ‘value-driven living’ might not save you money, it could mean you need less money to have a higher quality of life anyway.
  5. Can Help You Avoid Procrastination – The Thief of Time
    Whether it’s daydreaming, or struggling to find the motivation to start or complete important tasks, procrastination can be a big problem for lots of people.  Over time the effects of procrastination can be significant, on career progression, income and progress in areas of your personal life – to name only a few areas.
  6. Help you Reduce Impulsive Behaviour
    If we’re struggling with intense and difficult emotions then it’s no surprise that we can often act more impulsively.  Signs of impulsive behaviour are reckless risk taking that could be life threatening such as 
    dangerous driving or doing things that might have difficult consequences to you, such as buying things you cannot afford and maxing out numerous credit cards.  Reducing impulsivity can help you avoid problems in future.
  7. Can Help You Quit Addictive Behaviour
    Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, over-eating are all expensive and even when conquered can require life-long determination to resist a relapse. A good course of Therapy can help you reduce and end dependance on “crutches” that you might be using now.
  8. Can Give You Coping Tools
    The management of money is a learned behaviour.  However, when we’re facing psychological problems it can be one of the first areas that we can struggle to keep on top of.  Whether your Therapy is focusing on helping you get tools to manage money or emotions, they can be key things to have when you’re struggling.
  9. Can Help You Build Good Relationships With Others
    Good relationshps with family, friends, colleagues (and the world at large) are essential to nurture trust, support and for companionship. Problems in any of the above can be costly in money, physical and mental health.  If you’re struggling to manage relationships with work colleagues for instance this could cost you promotion opportunities.  The cost of consulting a therapist and developing a tool kit of relationship skills could solve this.


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