Emotional Wellbeing TED-Ed Series | What if we could look inside the human brain

Looking for ideas to lead a fuller and more contented life?  
Sometimes it can be hard to find good ideas on the Internet.  Our team of leading Therapists and Psychologists have put together a weekly series with the best Emotional Wellbeing Talks on the TED media network to help give you a boost…

WEEK 11: 

Our brains makes us who we are, yet we do not have a full understanding of how it works. This talk describes the diversity of what the brain can do and how a specific brain operation can expand our knowledge.

The brain disorder epilepsy causes seizures, which can onset unexpectedly.

Medication does not always control seizures and a brain operation may be necessary to remove the part of the brain causing the epilepsy.

The location within the brain must be precise and this is achieved by the insertion of electrodes, waiting for a seizure to occur and pin-pointing the effected part of the brain.

These electrodes enable other information to be gathered and used to develop techniques such as brain activated movement of a computer cursor, or movement of a bionic arm.

Besides being the control centre for our body’s existence, the brain is capable of far more, being able to make predications about the future, problem solve, grasp complicated concepts (e.g., infinity), be creative and express emotions.

The brain can even think about itself!

However, sometimes it can cause us problems too.  If you’re facing emotional or psychological difficulties why not contact one of our team.  You might be surprised just how effective your brain can be the it’s given the right tools.

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