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Sulking can be very common within the psychology of love. Even where two lovers believe they know each other completely, something said or done can send one of them into a sulk. ‘What’s the matter? Nothing,’ followed by a difficult silence.

Communication between two people can range from ‘garbled’ to understanding each other’s thoughts intuitively. Being on the same wavelength is essential for great relationships.

We reserve sulking for those we believe should understand us all the time, but occasionally fail, often in all innocence. The sulker is offended that the other person does not understand what has caused the sulking to happen and so is not worthy of his or her love or attention.

To keep relationships fresh and sulk-free we need to realise that other’s can’t read our minds and to be more confident at communicating our desires and intentions with words.  Lucky guesses early in the relationship, about these, will eventually fail, unless they are expressed in language…

We need to talk to each other, and remove the guesswork.  If we don’t then it’s much more likely that we’ll find our relationships getting more sulky.


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