5 Facts About Mental Health In London That Might Surprise You


It’s well known that mental health is given less attention in the media and in people’s minds than physical health often is, but if you live in London, then these facts about Mental Health in London might really surprise you.


1) Mental Health Problems Cost London Around £26 Billion A Year

The Greater London Authority estimate that about £26 billion a year is spent on the indirect costs of people having mental health problems in London.  This figure includes the cost of medications, therapy, social care spending amongst other things.  It is a statistic that is hard to miss and one that reminds us of the importance that ‘prevention really is better than cure.


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2) City Of London Tops The List For Anxiety Problems

Figures for the number of people experiencing an anxiety disorder of some sort show that more people experience anxiety problems in The City Of London compared with any other borough according to Public Health England.  Given that this is the heart of the economy and business for the capital perhaps this is unsurprising?   Other statistics show that the length of hours people work and general rates of stress are also higher on average in the City than other parts of London.


3) Croydon Tops The List For Rates of Depression

The rates of people experiencing an episode of Depression are the highest in Croydon, closely followed by Wandsworth.  Whilst the size of these boroughs might explain higher numbers of people with Depression overall, they have roughly double the rates per 1000 people in the population than for Richmond Upon Thames and Sutton do.


Mental Health In London4) 5.6 Million Days Are Lost Each Year Due to Poor Mental Health In London

It is estimated that around 1.5 million Londoners are affected by work stress.  It’s no surprise then that over 5 million working days are lost each year due to mental health problems.  This amount of time is the equivalent of about 150,000 extra workers.  Or put another way, an city the size of Oxford not going to work for a whole year due to poor health!


5)  Help Is At Hand

Experiencing a mental health difficulty can be isolating.  In fact many people don’t even realise they are having psychological problems until they notice very significant changes in their life.  Why not keep an eye on your emotional wellbeing and take time to consider what steps you can take to boost your mental health.Mental Health Facts London


If you need something more, you can always approach your GP, or reach out to a private Psychotherapy Clinic in London, such as ours.  If you would like to arrange an appointment with us, call: 0845 056 3872.


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