Is Harley Street Therapy Really The Best?

Many people associate Harley Street as a centre for independent medical excellence. Whilst it is certainly true that a number of leading therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists are based there, we believe this may be misleading people who are lead to assume that the heritage of the location automatically means that Harley Street Therapy is better than psychotherapy treatments offered at other London clinics – which is not the case.

Our new cognitive behavioural therapy clinic in London is located intentionally outside this area, and instead is on the edge of The City of London. We believe this makes us much more centrally located and easier to reach, as well as providing a greater amount of discretion and privacy to our clients compared with attending a large road packed with clinics.

Whilst this means we are not able to boast offering a Harley Street Therapy address as some larger clinics are, it does ensure we can offer the same level of expertise and specialist therapy, without passing on higher costs of running a Harley Street Therapy clinic.

We recognise that starting a course of CBT is a big investment in both time and money for most people, and although our session fees are not the cheapest in the capital, they are substantially more affordable than they would be for Harley Street Therapy for exactly the same high levels of clinical experience and qualification, without such high clinic overheads to pass on to clients.

So when you are deciding where to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in London, it may be useful to think more widely…

Alternatives to Harley Therapy
Alternatives to Harley Street Therapy