NHS Staff Burn Out: Reduced Fee Private CBT Therapy For NHS Workers

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Never before has there been so much pressure on National Health Service staff, in fact NHS Staff burnout is at an all time high.

The problem is, that when health staff experience emotional problems they are often slower to seek help than others.  Often this can be because they believe that they should be able to find a solution to health issues themselves, or because of concerns about receiving treatment from colleagues in the NHS, or having mental health records on NHS record systems.  Many staff just don’t like taking any time away from work to receive treatment.


Reduced Fee Private CBT Therapy For NHS Workers

To help solve the problem of burned out NHS staff that feel unable to seek treatment in the NHS, due to fears of receiving treatment from current (or past) potential colleagues our clinic is able to offer discrete private Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based psychological therapies that are recommended by NICE guidelines – outside of an NHS environment.

All of our team hold accreditation with the British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).  This means that as an NHS staff member you will see a Therapist with an identical level of experience and qualification in working with the problems you are experiencing as Therapy staff in the NHS.  In fact, all of our team held (or still hold, in some cases) senior clinical positions in the NHS prior to entering private practice at Dynamic You.

Our clinics are conveniently yet discreetly located – and we also offer a range of different appointment times, so can work with clients that may have difficult shift patterns.

In recognition of the valuable service that NHS staff provide, we offer a reduced therapy fee of 10% for all treatment sessions with us.  Please tell us if you are an NHS employee at the time of booking an initial session and we will apply a reduction in therapy fees for all subsequent sessions – we only require seeing an ID badge in order to verify you are an NHS employee.


Private Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Counselling For NHS Staff.

We do not require referral from a health professional, and your NHS GP will not routinely be informed that you are receiving private treatment (unless you consent to it), if you are an NHS employee.

The only time we may have to share information is in the case of there being significant potential safety concerns to you or someone else – or in the case of serious crimes being disclosed.  These are very rare occurrences, and we would always discuss concerns with clients where possible before sharing information.  This makes our service ideal for NHS workers such as Doctors, Nurses and allied Health Professionals that are concerned about confidential health details being on NHS record systems.

If health workers would have a preference for seeing a member of our therapy team that does not hold any additional NHS employment or roles this can also be arranged easily.

We have also found that staff in other areas of the UK to our clinic locations have also found online therapy using our Online Clinic with one of our team to be helpful.


Experience & Knowledge Of Health Worker Emotional Issues.

All of our therapists are very aware of the pressures, difficulties and issues that commonly affect NHS staff.  We are particularly aware of increased risks of burnout, stress, depression – but also understand professional concerns that health staff can experience, such as ‘compassion fatigue’ and health-service related stressors.

For this reason, our compassionate and goal focused approach to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment can be particularly useful.  Indeed our clinic has seen a significant rise in numbers of clients with NHS employment backgrounds seeking treatment in our clinics in areas such as our Bristol, Salisbury, Exeter and London Clinics.


How To Get In Touch?

If you are an NHS worker looking for private psychological therapy outside of the NHS system please do contact us confidentially today and find out how our highly qualified and experienced team can help.

You can call us on: 0800 0614548.  Or Email us on appointments@dynamicyou.org.  Or Use the button below message us.


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