What Happens In Therapy Sessions?

You might be wondering if therapy can help you or what psychotherapy involves?

There are different types of psychological therapies available and all work slightly differently, which means that what happens in therapy sessions can be quite different too.  We offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and can tell you more about what to expect from CBT sessions.

All sessions should have a warm and friendly feel, in which you are encouraged to speak openly about your problems in a safe environment.

Initially your therapist will offer you an assessment appointment in order to ask you questions about your problems and how they affect you.  Sometimes this can be done in one session, however for more complex or longer standing issues your therapist may need more than one session in order to more fully understand how best to work with issues.

The first sessions you have after a therapy assessment will focus on helping you to understand your problems in more detail, for example answering questions like: why did I get these problems, what is keeping them going, what changes can I make that will make me feel differently, what can I do to cope better.

Once you and your therapist have ‘formulated’ problem areas and considered goals for therapy it will be possible to focus on teaching you the skills you need to work with problems.  In each session of CBT your therapist will want to help you become your own therapist with the goal of eventually ending sessions.

In later therapy sessions you are likely to work on completing a therapy blueprint which summarises work you have completed and learning-goals you have made.  The idea of these sessions is to help you find ways to maintain progress after therapy, and to look at how you can reduce your chances of similar problems reoccurring in the future.

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